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The Aeronautical Information Management of the Air Navigation Direction is responsible for the publication of the Integrated Aeronautical Infomation Package of the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic AIP is based in accordance with the standards and recommended practices of Annex 15 and the Aeronautical Information Services Manual (DOC 8126-AN/889) of ICAO.


The AIP is the basic aeronautical information manual and contains information of a permanent nature as well as temporary information of long duration (at least one year). It is up dated by means of an amendment service and supplements.


This publication is edited in Spanish and English language. To consult any doubt on the information contained in the AIP or on its distribution, as well as any suggestion for its improvement, should be referred to:

Departamento de Gestión de la Información Aeronáutica:

Edificio SEDE Navegación Aérea y Control de Vuelo, "Norge Botello".

Prolongacion Ruta 66, Aeropuerto Internacional Las Americas "José Francisco Peña Gómez".

Via de acceso: Puerta Sierra 27, Santo Domingo Este, Rep. Dom.
Tels: 809-274-4322 Ext.2301



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